Digital Electronics (English) (Part 1)

Starting a new Lecture Notes Series on Digital Electronics

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Channel Name: Neso Academy

So Let Us Start to This Journey of Learning 
Digital Electronics By Lecture Notes together!

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Lecture Description of this above Topic:

Lecture 1: What is Signal?
Lecture 21: Dual Form
Lecture 22: Self Dual
Lecture 24: Venn Diagram
Lecture 40: Binary Addition
Lecture 41: Binary Subtraction
Lecture 43: Binary Division
Lecture 44: Octal Addition
Lecture 45: Octal Subtraction
Lecture 50: r's Complement
Lecture 51: (r-1)'s Complement
Lecture 61: BCD Addition
Lecture 63: 2421 Code
Lecture 69: What is Parity?
Lecture 92: 5 variables K' Map
Lecture 101: Half Adder
Lecture 102: Full Adder


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