About Us!

I Educate Myself Daily Foundation is a Daily Lecture Notes Sharing Platform where Lecture Viewers Can easily get the corresponding Detailed Notes of Video Lectures as well they can share their own Notes to help others!
Elaborately noted down lecture notes can help Viewers to save their time and grasp the concepts quickly. IEMDaily - Video Lecture Notes is a Smart Platform where Handwritten Notes are provided along with Video Lectures for a better outcome. 

All the Lecture Notes published on I Educate Myself Daily Foundation platform are written by Students based upon their understanding of lecture content. Neither IEMDaily - Video Lecture Notes nor Faculty of Lecture Series is responsible for any error of Lecture Notes.

Features of IEMDaily Lecture Notes:
  • Digitally Written
  • Colorful
  • iPad Notes
  • Attractive
  • Clearly Written
  • Handwritten