Computer Networks (English)

Starting a new Lecture Notes Series on Computer Networks

Youtube Lecture Playlist Credits 
Channel Name: Neso Academy

So Let Us Start to This Journey of Learning Computer Networks By Lecture Notes 

Lecture Description of this above Topic:

Lecture 7: Network Topology
Lecture 24: Basics of Router
Lecture 27: Basics of Bridge
Lecture 28: Network Devices
Lecture 33: Line Configuration
Lecture 34: Link Layer Services
Lecture 36: Framing (Part 1)
Lecture 37: Framing (Part 2)
Lecture 38: Framing (Part 3)
Lecture 40: Bit Stuffing
Lecture 44: Error Detection
Lecture 47: Checksum
Lecture 51: Network Performance
Lecture 52: Latency
Lecture 57: Flow Control
Lecture 61: Go-Back-N ARQ
Lecture 70: Pure Aloha
Lecture 71: Slotted Aloha
Lecture 78: Ethernet


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