Principles of Management (English)

Starting a new Lecture Notes Series on Principles of Management

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So Let Us Start to This Journey of Learning Principles of Management
By Lecture Notes together!

Lecture Description of this above Topic:

Lecture 2: Kinds of Managers
Lecture 3: Manager Roles
Lecture 4: Management Skills
Lecture 5: Manager Mistakes
Lecture 10: Gantt Charts
Lecture 19: Systems Management
Lecture 26: Workplace Deviance
Lecture 27: Ethical Intensity
Lecture 28: Moral Development
Lecture 31: Ethical Climate
Lecture 36: How to make a Plan
Lecture 40: Structured Conflict
Lecture 42: Delphi Technique
Lecture 46: Portfolio Strategy
Lecture 47: Grand Strategies
Lecture 53: Technology Cycles
Lecture 54: Innovation Streams
Lecture 55: Managing Innovation
Lecture 61: Trade Barriers
Lecture 62: Trade Agreements
Lecture 68: Chain of Command
Lecture 71: Job Design
Lecture 75: Managing Teams
Lecture 76: Kinds of Teams
Lecture 80: Setting Team Goals
Lecture 81: Team Training
Lecture 84: Defining Jobs
Lecture 86: Employee Selection
Lecture 87: Employee Training
Lecture 90: Managing Diversity
Lecture 91: Affirmative Action
Lecture 94: Diversity Paradigms
Lecture 96: Diversity Training
Lecture 99: Equity Theory
Lecture 100: Expectancy Theory
Lecture 101: Reinforcement Theory
Lecture 102: Goal Setting Theory
Lecture 104: Leadership Traits
Lecture 105: Leadership Behaviors
Lecture 108: Path Goal Theory
Lecture 110: Visionary Leadership
Lecture 117: Communication Medium
Lecture 118: Listening
Lecture 120: The Control Process
Lecture 121: Control Methods
Lecture 124: Useful Information
Lecture 127: Sharing Information
Lecture 129: Kinds of Productivity
Lecture 130: Quality Management
Lecture 131: Service Operations
Lecture 133: Inventory Management
Lecture 134: Inventory Cost


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