Geometrical Optics II - Refraction of Light (English)

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Lecture 2: Laws of Refraction
Lecture 5: Solved Example-1
Lecture 6: Solved Example-2
Lecture 7: Solved Example-3
Lecture 8: Solved Example-4
Lecture 12: Solved Example-5
Lecture 13: Solved Example-6
Lecture 14: Solved Example-7
Lecture 15: Solved Example-8
Lecture 20: Solved Example-9
Lecture 21: Solved Example-10
Lecture 22: Solved Example-11
Lecture 23: Solved Example-12
Lecture 24: Solved Example-13
Lecture 29: Solved Example-14
Lecture 30: Solved Example-15
Lecture 31: Solved Example-16
Lecture 32: Solved Example-17
Lecture 33: Solved Example-18
Lecture 40: Solved Example-20
Lecture 41: Solved Example-21
Lecture 42: Solved Example-22
Lecture 43: Solved Example-23
Lecture 44: Solved Example-24


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