Electro Magnetics Theory (English)

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Lecture 2: Cross Product
Lecture 6: Vector Equality
Lecture 7: Vector Field
Lecture 8: Vector Product
Lecture 10: Curl
Lecture 11: Curl Example
Lecture 12: Divergence
Lecture 13: Divergence Example
Lecture 14: Dot Product
Lecture 16: Gradient
Lecture 17: Right Hand Rule
Lecture 18: Gauss Law
Lecture 20: Coulomb's Law
Lecture 21: Electric Field
Lecture 24: Potential
Lecture 26: Coulomb's Law
Lecture 27: Electric Field
Lecture 28: Intrinsic Impadence
Lecture 29: Loss Tangent
Lecture 30: Wave Equation
Lecture 40: Boundary Condition
Lecture 45: Polarization